Dr Andrew Ahmann – Researcher

Leader in Diabetes Research and Care Imagine your average workday. Chances are you’re trying to cram as much into it as humanly possible, never quite checking off the day’s to-do list. Now add a chronic disease such as diabetes. “Every action has the potential to affect you such as what you ate, how much activity […]

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Dr. Brian Druker, M.D. – Hero On the Hill

One of the main driving forces in human history necessarily must be the drive and inspiration to conquer the impossible. The ancient myths that form the roots of our culture in the history of time—the great epics such as Gilgamesh, The Iliad, The Odyssey, the Chinese folktale about Old Man Yu Gong (whom everyone thinks is a foolish old man until he brings his small community together to move a mountain)—there are countless stories. Central to each are themes illustrating a dogged determination to continue onwards in the face of absolute uncertainty and seeming implacable odds. It’s that will to transcend a limited human condition that makes possible our dreams and values, our reason for being. There would be no grand narratives if not for the absolute exigency to provide us with a model for possibility, great strength, honor of character, wisdom, tenacity and grace. And how much more compelling than if the story were true?

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