Trevor William Lewis & Daniel Kaven – Architects

Born and raised in New Mexico, Lewis and Kaven both studied architecture at University of Oregon before founding William Kaven Architecture in 2004. The firm has worked on a range of projects since its inception. As Kaven explains, “We do all sorts of different things. We’ve done a lot of high-end houses and then we do smaller commercial jobs, tenant improvements, and things like that.”

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John Holmes, AIA: Architect

Our minds and our bodies are used to seeing patterns around us – the pattern of a leaf or the rippling of the sand on the ground, or the ocean. I think it’s something we inherently find beautiful,” explains John Holmes, principal and co-founder of Holst Architecture.

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Nathan Good: Designer of Harmless Homes

Architect Nathan Good is well known as a leader of LEED design in the Pacific Northwest. He specializes in projects that bridge environmental performance with character and aesthetics. Nathan utilizes a collaborative design process, actively engaging his clients, contractors, and consultants. When designing a project, he strives to reduce its environmental impact through thoughtful site planning, an aggressive reduction of energy consumption, water savings, materials selection, and enhancing indoor air quality and durability.

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