Top Ten – Beekman Boys

Top 10 Reason The Fabulous Beekman Boys Should Have A Second Home in Portland

  1. They will always be better dressed.
  2. They can visit some place that wasn’t in The Amazing Race.
  3. They can learn how to put a bird on everything.
  4. They can wear their muck boots year round except for two days in August.
  5. They can think up better animal names drinking the best Pinot.
  6. It’s the only place they’ll be able to order a cocktail named after them.
  7. They can tell our city goats what their relatives in the country are doing.
  8. They can brag about their chocolate goat to people that actually care.
  9. Everyone will love them once they smell the cheese on their breath.
  10. They can attend The NW Food & Wine Festival EVERY YEAR in November!

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