Coffee Crawl

Start your taste buds! Ready, set, breathe in. Smell that? At that time of year when everything is pumpkin and apple spices, smell is key. The weather starts to cool down and the masses huddle in droves for their warmed drinks. The northwest, capitol of the Starbucks nation, is no exception when it comes to coffee. The LAB invited About Face magazine to wander the streets of Downtown Portland with them exploring the lesser known tastes of the Northwest. That’s right, a coffee crawl instead of a bar crawl. The only question is in the northwest most famous for its coffee enthusiasts why didn’t anyone think of it before? There are more than one route Coffee Crawl takes. The tours last a period of three days only to kick off another 3 days of a coffee festival with vendors.

The LAB ( aims to bring locals and tourists alike a chance to get to know local chocolatiers, baristas, coffee rosters, and venders together.

The tour started off with a game with prizes at Sisters Coffee Company. It has a well lit charm about it filled with wooden craftsmanship and mellow sentiment. One could curl up with a cup of joe and a good book, or even comfortably people watch. Tucked away in the Pearl District the shop offers those in the Pearl an abundance of choices from our own backyard. The name is after Sisters Oregon, where the company is centrally located.

Winding through the Pearl District and all the way to Burnside brought an array of tastes and smells including chocolate. Not to spoil the tour, but there is a surprise at the end. Most likely the tour is recommended for 21 and up but younger coffee lovers are more than welcome.

On the tour was an inventor and entrepreneur Jennifer Morse. Her Simpli Press is for those those ready for the reinvention of the French press. She is one of the vendors for Coffee Fest. When asked what inspired her to reinvent a machine that has been well loved by coffee addicts since the turn of the century: “I was tired of banging it to clean it”. You can find Jennifer’s invention at To find a caffine crawl all across the US don’t forget to visit to find the next one in your area.

About The Author: Veronica Dempsey