Josh Dixon – Salvaged Creationist

Born and raised in the Rose City, Dirty J views the streets of Portland as his personal artistic haven. Walking the streets of his hometown is often all it takes to get his creative juices flowing. He first began showing his work in the local Portland art festival scene. As the crowds flowed by, he listened to every bit of criticism received from passing artists and potential customers. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive and customers began to seek him out by name. His confidence surged as his style began to evolve and ultimately cemented into the artwork that he is producing today. He says, “When people hear my name, I want them to know that I came from this beautiful city. I want my artwork on the walls of my hometown.”

Dirty J has been drawing longer than he can remember. As a quiet kid, he found that drawing was his ultimate outlet and form of self-expression. He recalls with a smirk how his teachers often reprimanded him as a young child for constantly drawing morbid artwork on everything he could get his hands on. As he grew older, his love of drawing never ceased. As an adult, he explored other forms of artwork. He realized he’d found his true calling the moment he picked up a paintbrush. What started as a hobby several years ago has evolved into an undying passion. There isn’t a day that goes by where he doesn’t dream about his artwork, map out his plans for future pieces, or spend hours immersed in his paintings. “When I paint, I feel weightless and free.Nothing else matters when I am focused on my artwork,” says Dirty J.

When asked, he will tell you that paintings should never be limited to just canvas. Instead, Dirty J prefers to use reclaimed, cast-off materials chosen for their overlooked qualities. He creates striking artwork on old pieces of scrap plywood, metal sheeting, old windows, and anything else he can find. He finds inspiration in knowing that he can take worn out, discarded materials that would’ve ended up in the local dump and turn them into something beautiful for others to treasure.

As for now, Dirty J pushes himself to create deeper, more meaningful work with every piece of art that he completes. His signature designs are created by painting something raw and recognizable, and then leaving it dripping and oozing with color and chaos. His art is an extension of himself, his deepest thoughts, and he wants nothing more but to share it with the world. His artistic passion can be summed up in one statement: “Art is my mistress. She consumes me. She is my light and I pursue her every day. Art is who I am.”

Instagram: DIIRTYJ

About The Author: Stephanie Kerstens