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New Boutique Indoor Cycling Studio Opens in the Pearl

Revocycle, Portland’s first luxury dedicated indoor cycling studio, has opened in the Pearl at 1218 NW Marshall.

The founder, Michael Hosking, is a 25 year veteran of cycling and racing who felt the gym spin class was seriously lacking in proper fit to bikes, proper form when pedaling, and horrible sound. Interviews showed him these classes were off-putting to a large number of potential riders who simply stayed away because of the intensity or the need to arrive an hour early to even get a seat.

Revocycle is the next generation of indoor cycling, focusing on proper fit to the bike, proper form when pedaling, and outstanding music and sound. Their classes have a distinct mind-body focus that uses the beat of the music that allows riders to get into a meditative state. In keeping with the mind-body focus the studio feels like a yoga space, complete with Brita water service and complimentary towel service. All riders can reserve a seat in class online and arrive just before class begins.

The bikes are top-of-the line CycleOps 300 Pro with computers for measuring pedaling cadence, power to the pedals, and heart rate. They are arranged in a theater-style tier system for excellent visibility with plenty of personal space.

Revocycle practices what they call the Natural Pedaling method, using a freewheel bike to ensure that all the muscles of the leg are engaged in propelling the flywheel. The result is a very mindful pedal stroke that tones more muscles, burns more calories and promotes better coordination than a standard spin classes that use a fixed gear attachment to the flywheel.

Revocycle is all about using aerobic exercise as way to create health and happiness in your life.

About The Author: DC Rahe

Contributing Editor