Gin Game

Running March 26th to April 28th at the Artists Repertory TheatreThe Gin Game is a play by D.L. Coburn starring Allen Nause and Vana O’Brien and directed by JoAnn Johnson. This two-person, two-act play is a 1978 Pulitzer Prize winner that also garnered multiple Tony Award nominations, both with its original 1977 production and the Broadway revival in

1997. Here’s the synopsis: “When life deals you a bad hand, do you give up the game? It’s Visitor Day at the ‘home for the aged,’ and Weller is playing a solitar y game of cards on the sunporch when a tearful Fonsia, troubled by her new envi- rons, seeks a private moment. Weller invites her to a cheerful game of gin rummy to pass the time but as the days and con- versations pass, the game becomes more than either of them anticipate. Through laughter, tears, frustration and fear, the truth of their lives is dealt. In this tragi-comedy, the upper hand is shuf f led between two souls who play their lives out to each other over a well-worn score pad.”


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