David Giuntoli: TV's Newest Leading Man

rimm (NBC) is finally back for the second half of season two, with more intrigue, action, and Blutbads than Portland has food carts. Thank goodness for Nick Burkhardt, the handsome, green-eyed Grimm, who sees through the bad guys’ friendly façade, revealing horrifying monsters, demons and, new to Grimm, infanticidal ghosts.

Add to that some relationship drama, which makes Road Rules (MTV ) look tame, and you’ve got a series that viewers can’t get enough of. We catch up with series star, David Giuntoli, after a season start in which Burkhardt’s girlfriend doesn’t remember him but can’t stop thinking about his boss, his crime fighting buddy is finally in on the Grimm secret, and Nick has turned badass, facing even more deadly confrontations with the evil-doers of Portland.

If you didn’t know Giuntoli was NBC’s breakout star of 2012, he’d blend in as just another unusually handsome Pearl District hipster. Giuntoli shows up for his Sunday interview alone, backpack slung over his shoulder, with no Hollywood handlers or paparazzi in tow. He explains his tardiness with a laugh, “A woman double parked me in. When she recognized me she asked for an autograph for her daughter.” He chuckles, “I signed it and asked, ‘Will you move now?’”

These types of fan encounters are quite unusual in this town. Most Portlanders offer a nonchalant greeting, “You’re that guy on Grimm,” or a knowing nod when they see Giuntoli—a gesture he appreciates as small town cool. The rest of the world is not always so subtle. Giuntoli’s young following on Twitter expresses an adoration that borders on Bieber-like obsession. “Marry me” is the most commonly tweeted response to Giuntoli’s musings on life, travel, or the show’s developments. Giuntoli handles the attention with a strong dose of humor. “If I wanted to get married tomorrow I could—to any number of thirteen year olds.”

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