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Unbeknownst to the rest of America, Portland is a secret destination for vintage hunters. It is where the lovers of vintage go to settle and set up shop. Walk down any street and you’ll find a plethora of vintage, second-hand and upcycled stores selling unlikely items to unlikely people. 

On Burnside, Music Millennium still thrives selling records even in the wake of digitized sound. Across the river, you’ll find the Crystal Ballroom, a place birthed from the minds of Dead-heads in love with the free-love era. Walking on Hawthorne, you’ll find Vintage Pink’s iconic exterior, and Red Light’s expansive collection of costumes and vintage.

In a place like Portland, where individuality is paramount, it’s no wonder that vintage thrives. Vintage is less about designer or trend as it is about the collector’s themselves. Collectors, like those at Banshee Vintage, understand the importance of bringing life back to fabric. There is no stone left unturned in order to curate a collection of vintage clothing so grand. They travel all over the states, from estate sale, to mom and pop shop, to Goodwill bins. 

With fast-fashion saturating the clothing market, vintage has never been so desirable. By purchasing vintage fabric, not only are you wearing something one of a kind, you’re wearing something sustainable. Vintage clothing was built to last, with generous hems, more detail and intention for a market with less demand for something new, and more demand for something stylish. 

Wearing vintage is more than style, it’s the acknowledgment of those who came before. Each garment holds the energy and ideals of people who wore them. Deeply inspired by Joni Mitchell, Stevie Nicks and Anita Pallenberg, women who were style mavens of the ‘60s and ‘70s, we chose styles to honor them.   

Dress: Jewel-tone Cotton Wrap Dress
Era: 1970s
Store: Banshee Vintage
Location: McMenamin’s
Crystal Ballroom

Dress: Pink Paisley Button Down
Era: 1960s
Store: Red Light Vintage
Location: Vintage Pink

Dress: Black Floral Gunne Sax
Shoes: Banshee Vintage
$15Era: 1970s
Store: Banshee Vintage
Location: McMenamin’s Crystal Ballroom

Outfit: Wide-Leg Jeans
Green and White Striped Turtleneck $34
Corduroy Orange Vest
Era: 1970s
Store: Banshee Vintage
Location: McMenamin’s Crystal Ballroom

Dress: Blue Floral Go-Go
Era: 1960s
Store: Banshee Vintage
Location: Vintage Pink


Styling: Katie Wise,
Banshee Vintage (Gina Marchini,
Christine Hogg, Brigid Flood) 

Banshee Vintage:
Instagram: @shopbanshee

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