Carole Bordak – Gallery Owner

Carole Bordak has been Forever Art‘s owner, and purveyor of fine art for 12 years.   She is relaxed, easy going, and some say a bit quirky.  Carole makes Forever Art – forever welcoming.  She makes you feel at home in her gallery.  Upon entering the gallery, you will be warmly greeted with Bordak’s signature upbeat, “Welcome!”  

From the time Carole was a child, she lived the unexpected. In Marin County, California, sitting on her family’s huge wrap-around porch, Carole was surrounded by easels, palettes and paints. Besides three artists in her family, she didn’t need to look too far to find the unexpected. The Grateful Dead lived right next door!

Warm California summer days were spent with open windows and inviting breezes.  In with the welcomed breezes came sounds of The Dead’s mynah bird next door. The bird had learned to make the sound of a deep and throaty cough, and the cough was unmistakable. The scene was completed by Carole’s giggling, artsy siblings entertained themselves by painting their imagined impressions of the party scenes where the bird probably learned to mimic those sounds.

How did California-artsy experiences translate to being a Nordstrom buyer?

Easily, (smiling) I traveled extensively with my job with Nordstrom. I loved Hong Kong with its vibrancy and the delight of perusing through hundreds of stunning fabrics.  But, Italy, oooooh, now Florence is a place to dream of interacting with Renaissance masters.  Still, I might have to say my heart still belongs to the artists in Russia.

How would describe Forever Art?

I believe Forever Art Gallery is Portland’s own European-style art gallery, and it’s an interior designer’s best kept secret. I recently moved the gallery to The Bruce Boles Art Building at 1991 NW Upshur. The gallery’s new urban location is one of those areas that has emerged and transformed into a Portland-esque artistic treasure. I believe in encouraging artists to expand and express themselves in their own unique ways.

Tell me about the different styles of art that you’re displaying?

One artist has intriguing pieces that are inspired by her spiritual visions. Another artist’s gift lies in techniques inspired by his work in science and technology. Another artist is an ophthalmologist who shares his passion for creating beautifully designed colorful maps by hand and ink. Another artist presents stylized photographs of Portland that capture the city in indescribable fascination.

What’s the experience like for a first time visitor?

When you visit Forever Art Gallery you will peruse through an array of oils on canvas and mixed medium pieces from local and international artists. Cecy Colichon, Joachim McMillan, Tim Sugden, Robert Tibolt, and Alexander Voitsekhovsky are just a few of the featured artists that I have curated for more than a decade. I’m happy to share my information about these fascinating artists and their gifts, and how they demonstrate those gifts through their art form. I strive to make sure that the gallery is always fresh with new pieces, and when artists present their latest creations, interior designers hurry into the gallery to catch early viewings. I also offer museum-quality framing for all sizes of art pieces with over a thousand unique moldings.  I am glad to ship to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

What is in the future for Carole Bordak and Forever Art?

Art and artists are in my heart.  And that is where they will remain. Right now, I will continue to appreciate the artist’s talents, and continue to display their work with framing. A beautiful frame puts the finishing touches that honors a piece. When clients select pieces of art that they love, and then return after those pieces are framed … my favorite moment is when the unveiling of their newly framed art takes their breath away.  Experiencing their precious moment with them still takes my breath away!

Come by Forever Art Gallery to meet Carole, and be sure to see Dee Jordan’s Antiques, which is in the back of the space.

Forever Art Gallery

Photos by Tim Sugden

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