Brett Allred: Beigeblond Salon

A Man of Many Styles

Portland native Brett Allred describes himself as a social chameleon due to his many life titles, such as father, mentor, artist, vocalist and many more. One of his biggest accomplishments is being a hairstylist and salon owner. Allred started his career in the hair industry in 1985. After graduating at Beau Monde School of Beauty in Portland, he endured extensive training at Vidal Sassoon in Santa Monica, CA. He then continued personal training from the individuals who transformed the hair industry to the world we know now.

Allred is the owner and president of Beigeblond hair salon, which opened in 1995. His fun and creative personality can be seen all over the salon with a variety of art pieces and design books. It’s not your typical salon with gossip magazines on the coffee table. They specialize in all hair related services, including precision crafted hair shaping, personalized tinting, educational finishing techniques, sleek smoothing treatments rounded up with great conversation, concierge services and more.

Even though Allred is already busy with his long list of hobbies, he makes it a priority to help others and get involved in his community. He is involved in a variety of local programs and charities including Couve Couture, CAMEO women’s Event, Santa-Con, Humane Society and Children’s Center. Not only is he supporting these events, but he participates in any way he can, whether that means singing or performing. Allred is a hair stylist but because of his passion and dedication, he’s become an important figure, or perhaps a community stylist, contributing to the style of the entire community.

Tell me a little about yourself.

I have found myself working in so many areas surrounding my interests. At 50 years old, I have many life titles. Father, owner, company president, mayor of main street, mentor, artist, designer, art collector, food critic, counselor, vocalist, performer, event emcee and traveling when I get the chance again. I’m making myself dizzy.

What do you do on your spare time?

My spare time is spent planning and scheming up amazing events to satisfy my social needs. My chosen profession allows me to take my show on the road or street and do what we call R@D and after work marketing. It’s more effective to spread the word if you are present so individuals can associate with our personality rather than just a post or letter. I like investigating community and political happenings in our community and involving in charitable opportunities. I’m finalizing details on a 1964 Ford Galaxy to get it on the road for this year’s car showing season. I’ve been working on the Galaxy as a project with my daughter. I also try to find creative outlets, things I have never done before, such as collecting tattoos, infusing whiskey and making hats for Seth Aaron’s bridal and couture designs.

You have a lot of hobbies! How do you make time for everything?

I make time for the important things in my life through prioritizing which leaves a ton of time for all of the other great things on my wish list.

Tell me a little about Beigeblond.

I, along with Katie Carbajal Willard, am the driving force behind this company and we strive to be the best salon we can be: for our clients, our team, our business network and our families. We work hard to create distinction in service, style, product selection and ambiance. We joyfully continue to learn, grow and foster meaningful relationships. We do all this while having a lot a fun. Even though I am the owner, the creativity and uniqueness of the salon is a group effort. There is truly not another salon team in our local area that can command the kind of community involvement and influence that we have. Our “job” is not a 9-5er. Our positions and our influence is a 24/7 venture. We create, develop and market our events and are very involved in the workings of our downtown area.

How long have you and Katie worked together?

Our working relationship has spanned 14 amazing years of hard work, creativity, imagination, entrepreneurship, dedication and friendship. We are the dynamic duo that has created our own local empire. I am the mayor of Main Street and she is the first lady of Main Street. She has created and maintained an incredible social reality around our area. Our team is paramount to our success.

Describe the salon environment.

Our environment is very much like my own home. You’re surrounded by an environment full of visuals, art look books, art and design magazines, oddities, relaxing spaces and the beautiful and the not so much. Do not expect to see gossip style magazines. Ever!

How did you come up with the name of your salon?

The name Beigeblond came out of a need to create the question of who we are and what we do and answered those questions at the same time.

Do you have a business philosophy?

We have a few go to phrases we use a lot here. One is “Take your hair out,” which invites the recipient of their new look to take it on the town. Second is “Take care of your hair (or yourself), dammit,” which means encouraging a more aggressive way to get things in gear and make yourself a priority. You can’t really give others any help if you need help yourself.

Who are your clients?

Our clientele is fun, sophisticated, hard working folks spending their hard earned cash for some amazing hair.

Who or what inspires you?

I am always inspired by strong people. Not ones obsessed and impressed with themselves, but those who take action and inspire others. I am inspired by transformative world events and how it touches us in our local world. I am inspired by local, political stewards who can lead for the good of all. I am inspired by art that is sometimes hard to look at or grasp the meaning. It helps me look at the world differently and examine my own prejudice and experience. I am inspired by the good samaritan who lives the golden rule and those random acts of kindness. I am inspired by humanity who stops blaming life’s affect on others and grasps their future under sometimes impossible odds.

How do you keep up with the latest hair trends?

Hair trends for our clients come from conversations with our clients and what they need in their lives. Continuing our education and skills up help us focus on what our clients need.

What is Couve Couture and how are you involved?

Couve Couture is a delightful energetic opportunity for our local design and fashion community to flourish in Southwest Washington. This show has grown and it will continue to grow as long as we can inspire couture fashion designers to come out and take their desires to the next level. I am one of the three directors of Couve Couture. Katie Carbajal Willard ensures our designers are satisfied with makeup and hair personnel and commands the door the day of the event. Alisa Powell Tetreault is the driving force behind our marketing and advertising. I am the dude that takes care of physical location, technical crews, emcee and schmoozing.

Are you involved in any other programs?

We also produce Vancouver’s Show Face Beard and Mustache competition, CAMEO women’s event and and proud co-director for the Vancouver Santa-Con. We are involved with supporting a whole list of charities here in Vancouver including, Humane Society, Children’s Center, Clark County Food Bank, The Vancouver Mural Society, Vancouver Downtown Association, Art in the Heart, Hough Foundation, Fort Vancouver Trust and Fort Vancouver costume department.

You have quite the mustache! How long did that take to grow?

I love my facial hair. We have done a bit of marketing with the Show Face Logo. It’s become one of the fun sides of our business. I have grown it for as long as I can remember around the age of 22. I was always so happy to have facial hair I think because I believed that my father and two brothers could not grow it well so I boasted the fact I could. We have trademarked the look and it has taken on a life of its own. My mother has asked me several times if I would shave my face but now with the trademark she has given up.

What’s in the future for Beigeblond?

Beigeblond has achieved things I never thought would be integrated into the brand. We are growing our team, which will allow Katie and I to pursue business growth in premiere hair services as well as promotion and production of our current and future events.

About The Author: Lindsay Gard

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