Optimal Health


By Dr. Joshua David, N.D.

What one person depicts as optimal health can and will be a totally different picture for the next person.  What the majority of people will agree on is that we all age and through that process our bodies will change and often decline. But can we as human beings slow or halt this age related decline?  Can we eat right and stay active to maintain a productive and fulfilling life?  Is there a “fountain of youth,” which every infomercial out there wants you to believe?  These questions are open ended and have no precise answer.

Optimizing hormones as we age can not only prevent age related decline, they can restore an existing state of decline.  In other words, preventative medicine has never looked so promising and staying healthy with hormone optimization has never been so accessible and well established.   Just as starting statin medication to keep levels of cholesterol low is a choice, it is also a choice to begin bioidentical hormone replacement to optimize health.

Hormone levels in men and women can dramatically drop at different phases of  life.  Women can relate to the inevitable reality of menopause and men face the idea of urine retention, bad knees and erectile dysfunction.

Bioidentical hormones not only give a physician a way to treat a patient’s unwanted symptoms, it also allows doctors to optimize patient health.  Through all the heated debate and controversy over this subject, one fact remains, people want to remain active, productive and possess an overall sense of well being.  The use of bioidentical hormone replacement can play a major role in this endeavor.

The difference between using bioidentical hormones and chemically manufactured hormones is big and the safety of the two has stark differences.  Bioidenticals are manufactured using plant sources and are designed in a lab to duplicate exactly what your own body naturally produces.  The attempt is to duplicate nature.  Hormones that do not fall into the bioidentical category are either a chemical variant or an animal extraction of hormones, neither of which duplicate the molecules that a human produces on her own.  Therein lies the problem and the misconstrued controversy of hormone replacement.

Bioidentical hormones are put together in a compounding pharmacy to custom fit each individual patient.  Together, the compounding  pharmacist and prescribing physician are able to adjust and format how bioidentical hormones are used for individuals to achieve optimal health.

To clarify, a compounding pharmacy dispenses commercially available drugs as well as customized prescriptions.  Customized medications require either a specific delivery form of the medication or a medication that is not available commercially.  A quality compounding pharmacy is important when prescribing medication such as bioidentical hormones.

The idea of optimal health will be different from person to person and from doctor to doctor.  A good diet, clean air and physical activity “seem” to be the gold standard for achieving optimal wellness.  However, many people are unaware of the significant role hormone make up plays in their well being.  Hopefully, through future education and awareness people and doctors will explore this valuable area.  Preventing disease is important and should be a focus of our overall health system.  We all wish for health and we all want our loved ones to remain happy and feel an overall sense of well being.  Explore!

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About The Author: Dr. Joshua David ND