Women's Winter 2013 Fashions

Winter 2012 is jam-packed full of everything from cozy coats to sparkly holiday fun, guaranteeing to keep you stylish even through snow and sleet. When the cold sets in, nothing is better than a coat with a

furry hood, pop of color, or vintage flair that will still draw an eye even when braving the elements. And with puddles galore, especially in the NW, what we choose for our sweet feet is equally as important. From a fresh take on the classic rain boot, to fun prints, or an eye catching holiday heel, Winter 2012 in Portland has everything you need to stay warm, have fun, and dress your best in style, no matter the occasion.


These boots were made for strutting and that’s just what you’ll do—in this fresh take on classic rain boots, and prints-for-days on some of your favorite styles. From Moto-inspired puddle stompers, to western prints and accents—winter boots have never been so fun. Combine them with your favorite skinny jeans or leggings, and your new go-to cozy coat from Shop Adorn, and you’ll be set for whatever the outdoors have in store. Portland Winter 2012, here we come!


Sweaters and scarves from Sloan Boutique
Sweaters and scarves from Sloan Boutique

When the weather gets bleary, a little color is just the ticket to keeping your wardrobe feeling fun and upbeat. As layering becomes top priority, bright, lightweight sweaters are a must. From handpicked mustard pullovers to accessories and coats from Yo! Vintage, mix in some color this season to compliment the darker tones. From coats and layers to accessories and booties, a brighter hue is sure to help keep things moving when you’re braving the cold, and on the go!


Nothing says, “celebrate,” this holiday like a little metallic flair. Whether it’s a pop of shine from your coin purse, or the sequins in your dress, this on trend sparkle will have you feeling bright. Play with your outfits and accessories for a fresh take on your day-to-day errands in a sneaker wedge from Solestruck, or indulge in a night on the town in your favorite cocktail dress from Sloan Boutique. Then enjoy mixing it up with a leather jacket, or a hot pair of heels—and get ready to take on the world in some Winter 2012 glam!

About The Author: Jillian Rabe