Fall Women's Fashion

The Portland fall fashion season is upon us! And if the Portland fashion community teaches us anything, it’s that fashion is an opportunity to play, create, and reinvent yourself as often as you like. From patterns and prints, to mix and matching eras and exploring layers and textures, Portland designers and boutiques help keep us fresh, innovative, and empowered to explore new interpretations of those statement pieces and modern favorites.


Here in the NW, we are no strangers to the art of layers, and as the cooler seasons approach we get to be our own artists in deciding how we want to begin pairing our favorite statement pieces. With texture and patterns on everyone’s mind this season, Portland boutiques like Physical Element are keeping us fashion forward with a diverse mix of international and local designer lines. Whether it’s a modern twist on retro styles, or giving new meaning to your layers through collaborative texture—this season is all about innovative interpretations of our favorite ensembles.


Love your classics this fall by having fun and mixing them up! Celebrating comfort and elegance, the season invites you to dress up with fresh perspective. Designed in house and made in Portland, boutiques like Garnish offer simple lines with vintage inspiration. They also bring a modern twist through pretty graphics, pops of color, and innovative materials. So get creative from denim to silk, or by mixing in a cork handbag this season. In the Alberta Arts District, or their new Pearl District location- Garnish welcomes you to come in, warm up, and see what’s possible.


Regardless of preference, fall is an opportunity to accessorize with pieces that speak not only to your personality, but to your perspective on what makes a design special. “Mixing it up” is in—whether with the perfect boots from Halo, a complimentary belt,

burst of color, chunky ring or earrings that makes your friends stop and ask, “Where did you get those?” Fall is your chance to get creative with the extensive array of footwear and accessories that your local boutiques and designers have to offer. So be brave, have fun, and layer up—whether with texture, prints, mixed-metal, or custom classics—this is your time to shine. Fall 2012 is all about new interpretations and offbeat perspectives. Take what works—and make it your own. ’Tis the season for fun ideas—so take your time to play. Happy fall 2012!!

About The Author: Jillian Rabe