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To Shellac or Not to Shellac – That is the Question

The party line: Vote yes: Everyone loved how long it lasted & its super glossiness. Vote no: The majority said it was terrible to get off.

The company line: CND, creators of Shellac say there are a lot of copycats and that’s when you get nailed badly. This is the original. Your nails will be glossy for 14 days and it’s easy to remove. Do not soak the nails in a bowl of acetone or file off. Go to a CND certified salon to get it done right.

The girlfriend line: One of my gal pals Shellac’d for her Mexico trip and fell in love with it. Her nail job lasted longer than the cabana boy.

The bottom line: Worth it or not? If you’re low maintenance but love painted nails then this is for you. Commitment phobic? Stick to tradition

Kiss & Tell

I don’t like lip plumpers that burn. Is there one that works with no burn?

 No pain No gain…is so yesterday. Lip Fusion is now. I swipe it on every morning. Even after drinks when gloss is gone the microencapsulated collagen keeps your lips moist, full and luscious for hours. Try Fusion’s Sexy, a sheer red that’s universally flattering and delivers a perfect pout every time.

I’ve got spider veins and have been thinking about getting treatment. What’s the recovery time like?

Gone in a flash, literally. Today’s lasers are effective and have very little downtime. You’ll need to keep those legs covered for about a month so the post-treatment bruises can fade away. Lucky you: it’s winter. The time of year your legs rarely see the light of day. If you’re going to do it, seize the moment.

Is it true that I should wear a different scent in the winter versus summer?

Wear what you find delightful. Although it’s true that when the temperature drops scents get deeper, more complex & warmer, a tropical splashing can be your fragrance vacation. Try being an alchemist: layer your perfumes. Spritz a deeper (think spicy or woodsy) scent first then top off with a lighter (think floral or green) scent. My layering scent is Amber. Coveted by Cleopatra, modernized by YSL’s infamous Opium perfume. Amber is essential for winter fragrance layering like a cozy cashmere scarf.

Necessary – Indulgence

Attention busy women-at-large: Shut down the multi-tasking tools, silence the voices and kick off your heels, it’s pamper time. Treat your feet to a professional soak and massage. Your mind will calm and you’ll be brought back from the edge.

My top 3 picks:

Barefoot Sage 1844 SE Hawthorne
The Dragontree 2768 NW Thurman
Blooming Moon 1920 N Killingsworth

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