Work Wear

If you just cannot shake off summer this fall, you can still look as if you are in back-to-work mode. However, just looking busy won’t cut it these days. To achieve that “I don’t have time for you” swagger, you have to dress busy. Lucky for all you lazy sloth like Portlanders, work wear is the right tool for the job this fall. A great place to get the look is Hand-Eye Supply (23 NW 4th Ave.) who has just come out with its own line of raw denim which boast a solid slim fit. Also check out Pointer’s utility jacket as well as its other fall work wear at Wildfang (1230 SE Grand Ave.) and GET BACK TO WORK!

Gypsy Jewels

From Indian feathers in our hair to piercings in our…everything, it seems to me that the worse the persecution of a demographic the more culture is stolen from them. Gypsies wore an astronomical amount of jingle jangles tied to their wrists and it just so happens so do most designers this fall – the difference is gypsies garb had special meaning. Meaning or not it’s a pretty Bangerang look and you can choose from a variety of very lost boyish bracelets at Redux (811 E Burnside, Ste. 110). If you are looking for something with a little less flair, Wood and Faulk makes a pretty leather band at Beam & Anchor (2710 N Interstate Ave.) that looks spanking paired with a wristwatch.

Just in time for Burning Man, I would like to highlight Green Tree Jewelry, a designer carried at redux that specializes in Steampunk jewelry with layers of functional gears and what nots. Endlessly intricate and just all around interesting pieces of art. Pricy yes, but don’t worry because that’s probably all you’re wearing to Burning Man.


Do students even need backpacks anymore? Can’t they just download their homework onto their shoes or something? I feel the backpack has become somewhat redundant in a utility sense and has graduated to more of a fashion accessory in Portland. The more leather straps the cooler the packs. Until hipsters figure out how to ride a bike with a hobo stick and bundle, the backpack will reign supreme in Portland so either purchase your perfect pack or start hopping trains. Four unique shops with four unique packs: Beam & Anchor, Hand Eye Supply, Machus (542 E Burnside St.), Table of Contents (33 NW 4th Ave.)

Yet another 80s reboot has once again been regurgitated as well. The “runner” style of pant. Which is carried at Wildfang as well as Machus. A totally radical way to show off your ankles at the spirit assembly.

Now go do your homework or it’s to bed without supper.

About The Author: Ian Andreae

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