It Suits You Summer 2014

Foot Fenomena

If there is one trend I have had less than an open mind towards, it would be eye-tearing brightly colored trainers/sneakers worn with a suit. It seems unnatural, like a genetically engineered pig-donkey experiment or a creature out of Greek mythology. It also seems unnecessary unless you plan on break dancing in the park blocks on your way to work. I honestly thought it would fade by now and it keeps showing up but so do wine stains on my white bucks so lets keep on drinking. Whilst writing this I have conducted my own beautifully grotesque experiments and you can too at Portland’s sneaker laboratory also known as Compound (107 NW 5th) located in Old-Town. Here’s to the pig donkey!

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Lets talk pockets

I would like to invite you to take a moment and empty your pockets. Got a lot of crap in those leg bags? Chances are you do, because more than one item is pushing it in my book. Why? Because it changes the shape and drape of your pants. It’s something we are often oblivious about but actually makes a difference in the fit, silhouette and the life of the pants in question. BUT you are in luck. Currently it is more than apropos for men to carry a small bag, clutch or European carry-all. I am almost hesitant to tell you where to find THE bag men of Portland carry, because I want ‘em for myself. This is not a store, it’s a workshop. A counter is all that separates you from the antique pieces of simplistic machinery, the leather and the smiling Martinez family all working together to craft what can only be described as leather art. Of course you are not limited to bags, they can pretty much transmogrify leather to your liking, they make custom shoes. I don’t care if you’re not buying, just go people (450 NW Couch). I don’t want to tell you the whole story because it’s not fair for me to try and convey the love of their craft. And my Spanish is atrocious. Ease up on the pocket packing. They don’t call them drawers because you can cram your life in them.

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Mac Attack (or Failure to Launch)

Fashion week was fun right? Something to keep in mind: if you see it on the runway, it does not necessarily mean you will find it in Portland. If you want to feel like a crazy person search Portland for a shirt with a watercolor pattern. It’s a look that I have been obsessed with this spring ever since I saw it at Fade to Light. The solution? A $15 white shirt and a set of water-colors. Good thing health care has gotten so bad that no one can afford to correct their eyesight because simple oversized patterns are a common sight this summer. If you happen to be one of the few artists in Portland or are just adversed to whipping paints at a shirt in the shower while blasting Frank Zappa I highly recommend going to Moulé (1225 NW Everett St.2) or Machus (542 E Burnside)and choosing from an array of macro pattern


About The Author: Ian Andreae

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