Beauty Inside Out

Beauty From The Inside Out.

Between Botox and photoshop we sure are cultivating an interesting sense of beauty in our culture.  I’m all-for looking hot and feeling good about our appearances, and I believe that when we are so externally focused we miss an opportunity to foster genuine, age-resistant gorgeousness.

We glow when we are healthy and happy.

The first part of this equation is important.  How do we create long lasting health and vibrancy?  I think the basics are:

Eat well  – When you’re hungry, high quality, lots of veggies, not-so-many simple carbs, healthy proteins, and good fats, stopping when you’re a little less than full.

Exercise – Move your body in a way that feels good every day, get your heart rate up, stretch, and  play!

Sleep – Do it.  Nightly.  At least seven hours of restful sleep.

Relax – As much as you can, as often as you can, for as long as you can.

Nature – Disconnect from devices and connect back to nature.

Water – Shoot for about 75 ounces of cleaning water a day.

There are so many nuances of physical health that are specific to the individual and should be considered when creating your own personal routines – but these six things are universal, and arguably the most significant.

Happiness is an inner game and own kind thoughts about ourselves are vital to this. Here are three steps to gorgeous thoughts:

  1. Write a list of all your good qualities. Like being a good listener, having a great sense of humor, or having an amazing work ethic. Review this list weekly and add to it.

    If you’re so inclined to share it with your partner or a friend.  Encourage them to write their own as well and then share with each other, additional positive attributes you see in one another.

  2. When you wake up in the morning have a routine of positive self talk. Either out loud or in your mind tell yourself, “I love me,” “There really is so much good in my life,” “I choose to come into my power,” “Today I am letting my greatest shine,” “I have gifts to share with the world.” If you start to argue with yourself – stop, breathe, shake it off, and resume.

    Extra credit for writing down a few things you are grateful for and ways in which your day ahead is going to be amazing.

  3. Serve others. When you focus on how you can help other people, you become a lot less consumed with your own inner drama. Find a place to volunteer or just open your heart and eyes in every moment to see how you can be of service to the world.

And even if you decide you want Botox (no judgment here), let it be an enhancement to your already striking inner beauty. Shine from the inside out.

About The Author: Briana Borten