Laura Ivancie
Laura Ivancie


Here is your opportunity to nominate an outstanding Oregonian. We are seeking nominations of those people who make a positive influence in their occupation, or the community. We prefer people who are well established in Oregon. Laura Ivancie is a great example.

Has the person received numerous awards? Are they well known in their field or occupation? Have they received national recognition? Have they appeared on TV?

Complete the form.

Because the print edition of the magazine is planned six months in advance, your nominated person’s story may not appear for some time.  However, for those nominations that do not appear in the print edition their stories will appear on this website.


The following people have been nominated to appear in Portland Interview Magazine.

Marc Baker, musician

Megan Roosevelt “Healthy Grocery Girl”

Adnan Kadir, Cycling Coach

Amelia Pape, Social entrepreneur

Brett Bigham, Special Ed Teacher

David M. Howitt, Author

Richard Thompson, Artist