Reggie Lee – Triple Threat

written by Sheila Hamilton photographed by Dax McMillan Reggie Lee arrives at our studios, “The LA way.” He drives himself when he’s too rushed to go by bike or Uber. He just finished shooting six hours ago at 1:30 a.m. in a “huge-ass compound” in Scappoose, where he imagines something sketchy had probably taken place. […]

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Reconciler Movie Gets Distribution

Local Film “Reconciler” Gets International and Domestic Distribution Reconciler is on its way to Cannes!  Produced and distributed by native Northwest companies, the feature film Reconciler has been picked up for international distribution and will be showcased this week at the internationally renowned Festival de Cannes, by Black Wolf Media. Reconciler was produced in Oregon […]

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James Westby and Katie O’Grady – Rid of Me

Portland filmmakers James Westby and Katie O’Grady have spent the last three years working on a film that has just landed them at the center of the Tribeca Film Festival. Filmmakers and critics alike agree that the dynamic duo have produced a progressive, retro and completely present nugget of cinematic wonder. I guess one could say that the world is finally getting Rid of Me.

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Shawn Levy – Film Critic

Film critic Shawn Levy explains why Portland is second best to Paris when it comes to watching movies.

“When you think of Portland, Oregon, you don’t think one of the world’s great movie towns, even though I would argue that it is,” matter-of-factly states Oregonian film critic Shawn Levy. “But more from an exhibition than a production standpoint.”

Portland is approaching “film museum” status, according to Levy. A land where many independent films run for weeks, even months, longer than any other national market.

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