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Dr. Elizabeth VanderVeer is the kind of friend every woman needs to have. She’s honest, trustworthy, kind and fun to talk with. Radiating with confidence, she knows how important it is for a woman to feel good about herself – both on the inside and out.

As a clinician and board certified internist, VanderVeer spent many years studying how chronic disease, acute illness and lifestyle choices impact her patient’s skin health. In 2004, she opened her own private, aesthetic medical practice and studied anti-aging methods. The VanderVeer Center, 6650 S.W. Redwood Lane in Portland, has been providing patients for more than a decade with non-surgical cosmetic solutions, using the safest and most effective technologies.

While her profession gives her insight on understanding the challenges women – of all ages – encounter to have healthy, vibrant skin, her knowledge also derives from her personal experience.

Laughing, she confesses she didn’t think there would be days when she would be battling an occasional pimple with a wrinkle or two at the same time. Yet, she knows many women her age – mid 40s – encountering the same challenges.

In their quest to achieve younger and healthier looking skin, women search for the “Holy Grail” of skin care products that will deliver the desired results. And like many women, she has had that drawer – the one brimming with skincare products that promised to do this or that, but never delivered.

Knowing her clients and her friends have jars of creams that didn’t work, VanderVeer was determined to create a skincare product that would fulfill its promise.

Comparing the skin to an antique dining room table, too often a person will use harsh chemicals and sandpaper to try to restore the table, thus making it lose its value. VanderVeer found many skincare products do the same thing – irritate and inflame the skin in order to make it look younger and healthier.

She had a hypothesis – What if she created something to calm the skin and provide what it needs to be healthy – what would it do?

Believing there had to be a better way to nourish and care for the skin – the largest organ of our body – VanderVeer spent years working with fellow physicians, botanists and chemists to create VOLANTE® Skincare. The regimen is powered by “7 Vitae™, a patent-pending blend of the most potent anti-inflammatory ingredients available without a prescription. Dr. VanderVeer said the blend allows your skin to “rest, rejuvenate and repair without redness, flaking or painful irritation.”

“This is going to change the paradigm for skincare,” VanderVeer said. “7 Vitae™ calms and deflames the skin, and gives it what it needs to look younger and healthier.”

As the founder and president of VanderVeer Center, Dr. VanderVeer has dedicated her career to the practice of non-surgical aesthetic medicine.

What she takes most pride in about VOLANTÉ Skincare products is she has clinical data to back what she says the product will do. An independent research lab chose “real-world people” to participate in a four-week blind study with VOLANTÉ’s Intensive Repairing Serum. The immediate results:

91 percent said their skin looked and felt softer, and; 82 percent said their skin felt moisturized and hydrated and 73 percent said their skin felt smoother.

After four weeks of use:

100 percent of women in the study said their skin looked and felt healthier; 95 percent said the texture of their skin was improved; 81 percent said their skin looked more radiant; 81 percent said the tone of their skin was improved and 71 percent said the appearance of lines and wrinkles were reduced.

“I am proud of this game-changing skincare regimen for my patients,” she said. “In less than four weeks, the skin is reborn. My patients have glowing, smooth skin instead of red, bumpy or irritated skin after using a product.”

The idea for creating VOLANTÉ Skincare products was conceived when VanderVeer created a cream for her patients to use on bruises after their treatments. She found the bruises healed 75 percent faster.

“I thought if this is beneficial to healing bruises, would it also be beneficial to the anti-aging process. It worked and I started using it in my skincare regime,” she said. “My patients were hooked because they were told they looked younger and healthier and there was the wow factor due to the compliments they received.”

Dr. VanderVeer recently shared what’s next for her company. The first three of eight VOLANTÉ products will be rolled out this fall – Intensive Repairing Serum, night cream and eye cream.

The fourth generation physician in her family, she graduated from Lakeridge High School, attended Cornell University, graduated from Lewis & Clark with an art degree and then from Oregon Health & Sciences University. She’s busy traveling between Portland and New York City, where she also has also has an office for VOLANTÉ.

VOLANTE® Products
VOLANTE® Products

When did your interest in skincare begin?

It has always been a passion of mine. I struggled with my own skincare as a teenager. I had terrible acne and I hid my face because I was miserable. I used department store products that didn’t deliver on their promise to help my skin. I worked for Clinique and Christian Dior in New York City. I received my degree in art and went to medical school after that to become a board certified internist. In 2005, I opened my own private, aesthetic medical practice.

What adjectives would you use to describe yourself?

Creative, entrepreneurial, curious, thoughtful, leader, an inventor – I have three patents. Tenacious and focused.

What are you motivated by?

I am motivated by two things. When I see someone who wants great skin, I still feel the emotions I felt as a teenager. I feel a passion to help them. There is power in having healthy skin – there is nothing like the feeling of having radiant skin and being confident and wanting to show it to the world. Hearing compliments on your skin is a powerful thing, especially when you are told that your skin is amazing. Second, I couldn’t tolerate people being sold ineffective products.

What inspired you to start your own skincare line, VOLANTÉ?

I have been a consumer since I was 12 years old. I had pimples and sensitive skin. Now I have wrinkles and sometimes pimples. I have evolved as a consumer but hadn’t found a solution for the problems that I and other women have. I have found every product does the same thing. They inflame and irritate the skin to make it look younger and less blemished. At VOLANTÉ, our core belief is to treat the skin differently. We decided that our skin, the largest of our organs, deserves the same care and respect that we give to the other organs of our body. I believe the way to achieve optimal skin health is to decrease the inflammation in the skin. Helping my patients obtain the optimum state of health is my goal. Our skin has to protect us, so we must provide it what it needs. It rewards and thanks us with healthy, beautiful skin.

How would you describe VOLANTÉ Skincare products?

VOLANTÉ high-quality skincare products that are made with a novel approach. What really makes VOLANTÉ special is we have the clinical results to prove what we are saying. That’s important to me. To have the proof. At the end of the day, I am a scientist. I am here to help make a patient’s life better. It’s not about selling products – it’s about making a difference and helping improve someone’s skin. What has been disappointing about the skincare industry is that there aren’t any new products out there. Most products use the same ingredients. I haven’t seen people truly think outside the box. That’s what we did and we created something novel. VOLANTÉ Skincare is truly a new paradigm and delivers on its promise of beautiful, healthy skin.

What are you most proud of about VOLANTÉ?

I am really excited to see my patients are having such amazing experiences with the product. Their passion for their skincare fuels my passion to continue. I am also proud that VOLANTÉ is made in the United States. That was really important to me. With this product, I will be able to help so many more people than I would just as a physician. I want people who use VOLANTÉ to know I am connected to their care.

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