FashioNXT 2013

FashioNXT has catapulted the Portland fashion scene onto the world stage, and it’s a safe bet that on Oct. 9th-12th 2013, FashioNXT will do so again. The event’s Executive Producer Tito Chowdhury has earned national press in the Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post while TIME Magazine called FashioNXT the number one show outside New York.

FashioNXT’s innovative 2010 collaboration with SolarWorld and designer Seth Aaron put solar panels on the runway—a creative inspiration recognized in the Italian fashion magazine Flair and repeated at Paris Fashion Week two years later. This visionary collection captivated the imagination of the fashion world. In 2011 Oregon’s historic bottle bill aroused another powerful runway collection by using fabrics made from recycled water bottles. The Portland Timbers were among the selected models showcasing the activewear collection on the runway and garnered FashioNXT even more notice. In 2012 Seth Aaron and fellow Project Runway all-star Viktor Luna created the Intel Personal Cloud Collection, which translated the vision of a personal cloud in technology to conceptual fashion on the runway.

Intel and Delta Airlines are two global companies that have embraced FashioNXT, and they are both sponsors of the show. For Intel, the opportunity lies in being able to express how personal technology is an integral part of a fashion-forward lifestyle. Delta Airline’s relationship recognizes that the Portland fashion scene and its local fashion designers are distinct from anywhere else, offering travelers from around the world a reason to come to Portland. FashioNXT guests will be flying Delta, not only from within the US, but also from cities such as Manila and Tokyo.

FashioNXT is a unique and high profile showcase of Portland’s fashion- forward lifestyle. It shines a bright light on Portland—and on the city’s creative edge. This four-day show allows guests to experience the high production value of a New York fashion show in a place where they can get up close and personal with some of the most compelling local, national, and international fashion designers and personal technology innovators.

About The Author: Tamara Alazri