Content Fashion & Art Show 2015

Ace Hotel’s live fashion installation event CONTENT, continues to bring creative minds, makers, and designers together for its sixth year.

CONTENT gives florists, quilters, artists, fashion designers, and jewelry designers the opportunity to transform Ace Hotel’s second floor guest rooms into interactive installations.

The one night event brought a variety of new faces like artist Joanne Petit-Frére, Celeste Rodero of DIGDOGDIG, and Mira Kaddoura of agency Red & Co.. Old favorites like WWJD, Brady Lange, and Kirko Made were also present this year.

Brady Lange 1 Photo Kemea Smith

Here’s a list of the top five rooms we adored at this year’s CONTENT.

Maple XO
Maple XO 3 CONTENT 2015 Photo Kemea SmithMaple XO 2 CONTENT 2015 Photo: Kemea SmithMaple XO 1 CONTENT 2015 Photo: Kemea Smith

Designer Lindsay Holmes outdid herself with a room that truly exemplified the identity of Maple XO. It was a skateboarder oasis with staked decks ceiling high, and worn Vans hanging from the shower rail.

The attention to detail made me fall in love with the room, such as the grip tape that replaced toilet paper and the polaroids of blood stained sidewalks and open wounds that acted like bathroom tile. And who can forget the tub filled with multicolored skateboard wheels!

Angel Thug

Angelthug CONTENT 3 Photo Kemea SmithAngelthug CONTENT Felix Photo Kemea SmithAngelthug CONTENT 2 Photo Kemea Smith

Nic Petersen and Gabe Saur couldn’t have picked a better place to debut their queer lifestyle and clothing brand Angel Thug. The brand which celebrates gender fluidity, had models in black and white rope chest harnesses paired with chunky platforms. Although the decor was a hodge podge *of ideas (cue wire fences, nunchucks, and exotic flowers), the room was alive with fun spirits and rave music that made you want to jump on the bed and dance.

A Girl Named Georges

A Girl Named Georges Photo Kemea SmithA Girl Named Georges 2 Photo Kemea Smith

The rich aromatic scent of burning Palo Santo Wood welcomed guests into the lava lamp orange colored world of A Girl Named Georges. Designer Cecilia Doan aka CC, known for blog SHIT BLOGGERS WEAR and creative agency INSTRUMENT, debuted boxy 1970s inspired embroidered and distressed sweaters. Snapshots of smiling women in the garments were haphazardly arranged throughout the space and the brand’s motto “Good Taste, Bad Habits” scrolled on the wall. I couldn’t help but feel like I was on the set of Diary of A Teenage Girl, while in the space.

Solabee Flowers & Botanicals

Solabee 2 Content 2015Solabee 1 Content 2015

Solabee’s co-owner Alea Joy, greeted guests underneath a vibrant spirit weaving installation that continued throughout the room. The diagonal white beams that occupied the ceiling juxtaposed beautifully with the rainbow thread that held up the sky garden. The lovely rainbow color theme continued with muted colored crystals and a fun rainbow cubist bedspread.

Human Noise

Human Noise 3 Photo Kemea SmithHuman Noise 2 Photo Kemea SmithHuman Noise 1 Photo Kemea Smith

Designer Kayleigh Nelson’s use of striking red lighting along with hints of blue and orange, yanked the crowd into the haunting fantasy world of Human Noise. Nelson took inspiration from science fiction films and the female character types that often occupy them (The Damsel, The Femme Fatal, The Siren). The agender collection you,in flesh included touches of latex, rubber, and silk.

To see a full list of the incredible designers featured at CONTENT 2015 click HERE.

About The Author: Kemea Smith