Spielgelworld Empire

Be amazed by the acrobats. Their uncanny abilities to thrill you with their amazing feats of human strength and extraordinary abilities. Once you enter the intimate setting of the Spieltent you are transported to a different place and time. The producers of Spiegelworld call it EMPIRE. I call it stunning.

If you want to be apart of the show I suggest booking seats in the first three rows. The comedy team of Oscar and Fanny pull audience members out to participate in their antics.  Myself, I don’t appreciate having banana pieces, spat on me. And you might have one of the male acrobats climb onto you and put his testicles or butt in your face. For those further back they will enjoy a show of feats that will amaze.

The show was produced well, not great. It seemed inconsistent throughout. There was one small item, the opening act of the contortionist in the plastic bubble. The crew should have cleaned it with some Windex prior to the show. And the smoky atmosphere was overdone. If you suffer from any upper repository issues I would pass on this show.  As they state in their advertisements for this show, it is inappropriate for all audiences. Keep the kids at home, this is for adults only.

Spiegelworld EMPIRE plays through December 18th, at the Rose Quarter in the Benton lot next to the Veteran’s Memorial Coliseum.

About The Author: DC Rahe

Contributing Editor