Matt Lemman – Jones Golf Bags

He knows golf is challenging

Playing since he was 3 years old and with a 2 handicap, Matt Lemman knows golf can be a perplexing and complicated game.

And over the years, he said, the challenges aren’t limited to what happens on the golf course. He has seen how equipment has changed, and not always for the best.

“There are golf bags with pockets for everything you have from your scorecard to tees to your viewfinder,” he said, adding he has spent plenty of time zipping and unzipping pockets to find what he needed.

Which is why he just might appreciate what the legendary golfer Bobby Jones said about keeping things simple on the golf course.

“You swing your best when you have the fewest things to think about,” Jones was quoted as saying.

As a partner of Jones Sports Co., with his younger brother Tim, Matt said the Jones golf bags are all about simplicity and tradition.

“Our bags are designed to pick it up and play. We want people to enjoy their walk,” Matt said. “Our golf bags are about returning to the simplicity of the 1970s and 80s.”

The first Jones golf bag was created in 1971 by Portland cabbie and golf enthusiast George Jones. His simple and affordable style was a hit with amateurs, especially high school and college players. The Lemman family is the third owner of the company. Dean Lemman is the CEO and Chris Carnahan is the business director.

“Our bags are about nostalgia and tradition,” Matt said. “Many of the people who are buying are bags used them when they played in high school or college. People also appreciate the bag is simple and there is a trend in golf toward everything being much simpler. With a Jones bag, everything a golfer needs is right at their fingertips.”

Matt said Jones bag are designed with both single and double straps and can be attached to a golf cart. Mostly, he said, the company’s goal is to return to tradition with the goal of keeping the equipment simple so golfers can focus on their games.

About The Author: Kristine Thomas