Fabio Costa & Rebecca Diele

Fabio Costa & Rebecca Diele
Not Equal
FashioNXT 2013

Fabio Costa is a Brazilian-born, New York-based designer and Project Runway contestant who works at creating androgynous and minimalist fashions. He collaborates with partner Rebecca Diele on their line NotEqual. Both designers are notorious for experimenting with the shape, proportion and silhouette of a garment. Recently wrapping up a successful Kickstarter campaign, Costa and Diele are ready to get cracking on their Fall/Winter 2014 collection.

What I can see from your video blog for FashioNXT is that you’ve always wanted to visit Portland. What’s the drawing power of Portland for you? I’ve been to Portland once and traveled a little in Oregon. The scenery is amazing. And I have to say I’m a big fan of the misty, sometimes gloomy weather, which I think brings out certain colors in nature. Portland has a lot of that. And for that reason, I feel like everyone there is very grounded and caring.

In your Fall 2013 collection of NotEqual, I absolutely loved your use of color blocking and gold and black color palette. What was your inspiration behind this?
The collection was called “The Lost Circus,” and it was inspired by a film called The Forgotten Circus by Shelly Love. It was this whole idea behind clowns, especially in the 1920s. All images we collected were quite pictorial but at the same time a bit eerie. We loved that you couldn’t quite tell gender from what they were wearing—shapes were all oversized, and a lot of play with stripes and panels.

Can we expect to see something similar at your Spring/Summer 2014 show here in Portland?
Definitely. Experimenting with shapes and proportions is always going to be at the forefront of our creations. Our Spring/Summer collection has as its starting point Alice by Jan Švankmajer, a surreal adaptation in stop motion. This deals with a much more obscure trajectory for the little girl we’ve seen journey through Wonderland so many times.

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