Minna Yoo – Bottle Maker

Made With Love

Love Bottle is a reusable glass water bottle that is customized to showcase your unique personality. Drinking water from a Love Bottle will benefit you, the community and the planet.

In general, most Americans are dehydrated. We should drink 64 ounces of water a day; however, we quench our thirst with tea, coffee, alcohol, juice or soda – which dehydrates us even more. While working as a nutritionist, Minna Yoo found that her clients felt drinking water was a chore and didn’t like the taste of water from plastic bottles. “When I switched them over to glass, their consumption went up quickly,” says Yoo.


Founded by Portland-based Yoo in 2008, each Love Bottle is made in the U.S.A. with 40% recycled glass and holds almost 17 ounces. Whether you’re drinking champagne, wine or beer, glass enhances the flavor and purity of the beverage. The same goes for water. “Since water is the most important beverage of our lives, we should enjoy it in the best way possible as often as we can,” says Yoo.

To make drinking water fun, Yoo asked artists from around the world to create bottle designs that touch the hearts of people. Customers can also customize their bottle by adding stickers or bottle bands; or by writing something personal using paint pens. With a heart on the front of the bottle and a message on the bottom that reads, “U R Loved,” it’s hard not to smile when drinking water from a Love Bottle. “Our bottles are a vessel for art, self-expression and beauty,” says Yoo. At the same time, the Love Bottle expresses love for the planet. Glass is infinitely recyclable and replaces plastic bottles, too many of which still end up in landfills.

With future plans to add more bottle sizes, more decals and pre-orders at stores, including New Seasons, Whole Foods and Powell’s Books, expect to see a lot more Love Bottles. What Minna learned most through all her years in health, nutrition and science is that people simply want to be healthy and happy. “Filling our bodies with clean water from a Love Bottle also inspires us and helps us stay connected to our community,” says Yoo. “It’s the ultimate vitamin.”



About The Author: Lindsay Gard