Ben  Jacobsen – Salt Maker

A Man Worth His Salt

When it comes to enjoying a great meal many of us have no problem pulling up a seat to do so. But how often do we realize how much of an impact some of the simplest ingredients have on our completed dish? Ben Jacobsen, owner of the Jacobsen Salt Company, harvests pure sea salt from Oregon’s very own Coastal waters. Placing high standards on taste, texture and appearance, Jacobsen Salt Co. may be considered nothing short of renowned.

Jacobsen founded his company in 2011 after falling in love with the idea of producing premium salt here in America. Jacobsen, who studied in Denmark, explained how it was there he discovered great salts and became fascinated ever since. His idea became to make great salt starting right here in Oregon using ingredients out of Portland’s very own backyard. “I thought it was strange how nobody was making high quality salt in America. Americans had begun to pay attention to getting the best ingredients possible for a meal, yet we still bought salt from overseas,”Jacobsen explained. “Why couldn’t I (we) make great salt? So I set about trying to figure out how.”


Returning to Oregon. Jacobsen began his research. After experimenting from over a dozen water sources throughout Oregon up to Washington, he began to compare the sources. His favorite, the waters of Netarts Bay, Ore., is where his facility is today.

Today Jacobsen Salt Co. has become known for its crystalline flakes, its delicacy and purity. His salt is used by noteworthy chefs, including Gabriel Rucker, Paul Qui, and Chris Cosentino.  Yet with all his success Jacobsen is still striving. When asked about future plans he’ll respond, “to become the best brand of finishing salt in North America, the best employer in both Tillamook and Multnomah County, and to have fun.”

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Photo by Aaron Lee


About The Author: Helena Reed