Families of Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach, Oregon – The Cannon Beach History and Museum’s summer exhibit will feature the Museum’s first ever photograph exhibit. The “Families of Cannon Beach” exhibit will explore the central idea of family history and community through photographs, family heirlooms and film.

The exhibit will explore the difficulties faced by families who settled here and those that stayed for generation after generation. The purpose of the exhibit is not only to focus on Cannon Beach, but is intended to ignite interest in family, while exploring the way traditions and stories are passed on from one generation to the next. The exhibit will do this by increasing general knowledge and raising questions about how we can explore issues of memory, identity, and history through images and artifacts. Each family will have a dedicated section of the exhibit space to share their story. Photos and biographies from the first family members to reach Cannon Beach to the most recent generation will be shared through a simple and straightforward display combining images from the Museum’s archives as well as photos, recorded interviews and in some cases artifacts. We will focus primarily on ten to fifteen families of Cannon Beach. Of these families, six can trace their families back to the original homesteading families of Cannon Beach until now.

In the early years families had a difficult time getting to Cannon Beach. They traveled by stagecoach, wagon, or by foot. Long-time resident and author of Comin’ in Over the Rock, Peter Lindsey compares the journey from Seaside to Cannon Beach as “the Bataan Death March.” The road, barely more than a trail, was a muddy mess for most of the year. At one point the road to Cannon Beach was purported to have a stomach-churning 111 turns. And yet, they came. Some even stayed throughout the year. Through blustery winds, torrential rains and bitingly cold nights. They not only survived, they thrived.

Come learn more about these intrepid families of Cannon Beach. The exhibit will be on display through September of 2014. The “Families of Cannon Beach” exhibit is partly funded by the Oregon State Parks Program, the City of Cannon Beach, and the Museum’s annual supporters. The Museum’s admission is by donation. They are open from 11:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Wednesday through Monday.

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