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Artisan Cake Company’s Visual Guide To Cake Decorating
by Elizabeth Marek, of Portland, Oregon
December 2014

We’ve all marveled at the skill behind gorgeously decorated cakes with intricate designs and delicate features. Whether in a bakery or at a wedding, a birthday celebration or any number of other festive occasions, it’s hard not to stop and admire the fancy frosting work and delicately layered fondant on a gorgeous cake.

Artisan Cake Company’s Visual Guide To Cake Decorating [Race Point Publishing, November 2014, $30.00 US / $33.00 CAN] by Elizabeth Marek, of Portland, Oregon, features delicious recipes and modern, basic techniques for successfully covering cakes in buttercream or fondant. The book gives the reader information on creating beautiful, successful and creative cake designs using color theory and design principles with dozens upon dozens of examples. Inside readers will find chapters including:

Cake and Frosting Recipes
Elements and Principles of Cake Design
Textures and Finishes
Modeled Figures
Sugar Flowers
Celebration Cakes
Science of Structure

Readers will learn to take their cake decorating to the next level with never before seen tutorials on sugar flowers, figure modeling techniques, cake sculpting and cake structure for beginners and professionals alike.

Artisan Cake Company’s Visual Guide To Cake Decorating equips readers with everything they will need to help them transform their cakes from boring and bland to amazing and spectacular! Books are on sale beginning mid-November.

About the Author

Elizabeth Marek has an AAS degree in graphic arts and worked in advertising before studying Pastry Arts at the Oregon Culinary Institute in Portland Oregon. In 2009, she founded Artisan Cake Company. Artisan Cake Company cakes have been featured in Portland Bride and Groom, Cake Central Magazine, and Crave Magazine. Her 3D and sculpted cakes (often representing geek culture) have been featured on various websites such as Sunday Sweets, Squidoo, Boing Boing, Great White Snark, Cupcakes Take The Cake, and many others. Elizabeth has also appeared on the Food Network show “Outrageous Wedding Cakes”.
Elizabeth was included in 1000 Steampunk Creations (Quarry Books). Elizabeth’s steampunk cake won first prize in the 2010 CakeCentral competition. You can find her online at

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Artisan Cake Company’s Visual Guide To Cake Decorating
by Elizabeth Marek
Race Point Publishing
November / December 2014
$30.00 US / $33.00 CAN
Original Trade Paperback
ISBN: 9-781-93799-469-3
Also available as ebook
Available on most major bookstores and

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