Miranda Jaynes: Photographer

Miranda Jaynes has experienced a lot in her twenty-seven years of life that most people don’t in their entire lifetime. She users her experiences to enhance her photography to another level. Her pictures are works of art and she is proud of every single one.

Jaynes grew up in New Hampshire and had always been an artist but didn’t get into photography till much later. Then at the age of eighteen she joined the Marines. The moments and images that she experienced while she was in the Marines, inspired her to start taking photos herself. Her passion exudes from her body and she loves to talk about what she loves doing.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

I am from New Hampshire and then I joined the Marine Corps. I met my boyfriend down in California, where I was stationed. He is from Tigard, so I moved up here to be with him, about 4 ½ years ago. Once I moved here I went to the Art Institute in Portland and majored in advertising. I really wanted my ads to look real so I go into photography.

Did you grow up in New Hampshire?

Yes, born and raised. It’s very country out there so none of this crazy stuff around here. It’s weird because I have always been an artist, I was always good at drawing but it didn’t feel fulfilling enough. I had never done photography back at home before.

MirandaJaynesPhotography_2_WEBWhy did you join the Marine Corp?

I joined when I was 18. I actually joined because I was a really good athlete and active. I loved it, my mom actually mentioned it to me, and she thought I would be good at it, so I tried it.

What was your experience like in the Marines?

It was cool. I was a Motor C operator, so I was in charge of this big lot of tactical vehicles like Humvees. We supported the grunts that would do training. We would pick up the ammunition and wait for them to us it. I also taught other Marines how to drive the Humvee and how to use night vision goggles in Iraq.

Did you do a lot of traveling?

I did but not too much, I actually don’t like traveling. When I did travel I had to go to Iraq for a couple of months. That’s actually when I truly knew I was in love with photography; I had my boyfriend send me out a little point shoot camera while I was out there. I had taken a picture of the sky one morning and the photo had a bunch of clouds and they were dark. There was a cloud that was shaped like a hand and it looked like it was holding another cloud and there were sunrays coming up behind it. I think that was my starting point for photography.

Mind Your BusinessWhen did you move to Tigard?

We moved here in December 2009. It was the day my contract ended and we drove 16 hours here. I started school right away. I went full time and finished in 3 years and I graduated last June. I than landed a job at Nike and I have been there for 5 months now.

Can you talk about your experience at the Art Institute?

I realized advertising was one of the majors where there were multiple fields you could go into. I felt comfortable going in as an advertiser because I loved telling stories and there were so many opportunities where you could grow and learn.

What did you do after you graduated?

After, I just kept shooting as much as possible. I did a lot of trade work with models. I will stay up till three in the morning just editing because I love it and I can’t wait to get it finished. It took me forever to find work. I had to go to a couple of creative agencies to find work but in the meantime I just kept shooting. It was important to me to just trust the moment; I didn’t get stressed out about it.

MirandaJaynesPhotography_5_WEBWhat do you do at Nike?

I am actually a Samples Coordinator. I send samples out to the studio in Chicago to get photographed and I also do photo approvals. After the product has been shot in the studio the images come through for me to review and I make sure it is the line art that we originally designed for that product. I like it a lot, as long as I am looking at pictures all day I’m happy.

Are there any photographers that inspire you?

Oh gosh yes. I definitely have my local photographers that I know and work with and I also have my more professional photographers. Rameses Abdallah is a local fashion and beauty editorial photographer here in Portland. He has taught me everything I know. Jayesunn Krump I have model with him but have never shot with him but his lighting is my favorite and totally unique. Brooke Shaden is conceptual photographer. A lot of the photographers that I am inspired by shoot a lot of women and tell stories with them.

Are you preferable to shooting people?

I feel like the image can be more impactful when there are people in it rather than landscape. However, I’m very impatient so sometimes I don’t like shooting with people. I like shooting product because product can’t talk to you. I really want to get into more boudoir photography with women of all sizes. It would be more fun and different to shoot women with bigger curves.

MirandaJaynesPhotography_6_WEBAre there other things that inspire you?

Usually music, I listen to a lot of hard rock music and that will get me going. I want the photo to make you feel when you see it, like how music feels when you hear it.

How would describe your style of photography?

I like to describe it as bold, edgy and dark.

On your website there is a photo with a women with a rope around her neck, can you talk about that?

I call that one Restraint and that is probably one of my favorites because it reminds me of a woman with multiple personalities. She is being pulled every which way and there is so many directions that she could go but she has got to stay focused.

What kind of camera and editing programs do you prefer?

I have a 7D and it’s a Canon. I love using the 85 and 2470 mm lenses and macros. For editing, I import all my stuff into Lightroom. I use Lightroom and Photoshop. For a close-up beauty shot I will spend 4-5 hours per image.

What do you think is your greatest achievement thus far?

My greatest achievement is definitely doing what I love. It feels like an achievement because I am happy. I am not doing what I thought I would be doing at this point in my life but I love that I am. I am so happy that I have found in life what I am passionate about. My biggest goal during a shoot is creating something that other people will like.

Can you talk about some people you have worked with and taken photos for?

For my creative agency, Mathy’s & Potestio, they got me the Nike job. I wanted to get some experience shooting runway, so I shot my first runway at the Fashion Next this past September. I also just go out and shoot what I can, so I can say that I know what it is like to go out and shoot that. I just started shooting weddings last year. I shot a wedding in Hawaii. I’ve been shooting for a couple of local apparel designers. One of my secrets to creating something to the best of your ability is to actually believe in the product or the brand because that is what will take it that much further.

How did you hear about RAW?

I would see their posts randomly on Facebook sometimes, so I had heard about it. But than one of their scouters had messaged me on Facebook on my photography page and asked if I would be interested in doing RAW. I’m glad I did it. Meeting other artists and talking to them was the biggest thing that I took away from RAW. It was a great experience I think a lot more local artists should do it.

Do you have a favorite photo that you have ever taken?

There are too many! I stare at my own work all the time; it’s kind of weird. I give my photos titles like they are movies. I would say the “Mind Your Business” one is my favorite. It was showcased at RAW. I made the models hair wicked big on top and she is in a blazer jacket, sitting in a salon chair.

I named it “Mind Your Business” because it’s kind of had this duel look of her looking serious but yet maybe she does own her business. Any beauty shots are my favorite, headshots and close-ups are my favorite. I also did a beauty shoot where I brought starfish and pearls with me. I gave them to the model and she had the longest hair and it was perfect. The pose that I caught from her, she has the pearls in her hand and it’s like she is desperately waiting for Eric from the Little Mermaid.

What do you believe was your “About Face” Moment?

I feel like this moment of clarity has been building itself up over the past year and half. I would get brought to my knees when I couldn’t find a job for 8 months. I didn’t understand; I didn’t want to stress out about it because I knew it was going to happen. There is a life coach, who was one of my teachers, and she would always say “trust the moment, and do what you love.” I would say these things in my head everyday.

One day I got a job offer for Celebrate Your Sexy, it is boudoir photography in Pullman, Washington, which is six hours away. They offered me a job to be a traveling photographer and I was so excited. I went up there and did some training and he told me that they wanted me to move there and I told them I couldn’t. He pretty much took the job offer back and I was heartbroken. I felt like my dreams had been shattered. Then that week I had gotten an email from Nike asking me to work as a samples coordinator. Ever since I have been with Nike I am thankful everyday that he took that job from me because I would have hated traveling every weekend. It was a moment of clarity where I knew that this was exactly where I wanted to be. “Do what you love, trust the moment,” that’s all I can say and I will keep saying that to myself because it’s true.

What are some of your future plans?

I really want to start shooting more products, more beauty product type of stuff. I don’t have a studio anymore but I want to get my own studio and I want to have my own natural light studio. I want to do so much that I can’t contain it. I definitely want to stay around here and shoot as much as I can.


About The Author: Kailla Coomes