Clyde Lewis: Ground Zero Radio

Clyde Lewis hosts the most popular radio show in Portland, Oregon. His ratings are so massive he just made a deal to syndicate his show, Ground Zero, all over the nation with the most prestigious syndication company in the world, Premier Networks, who distribute Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck and Nikki Sixx. Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis on KXL 101.1 from 7pm to midnight is a taut cinematic foray in to the darkest reaches of our minds. Concentrating on conspiracy theories, UFOs and all others aspects of the paranormal the show has a way of making you believe there is an unseen and mysterious nature to our existence just beyond the curtain of our modern world.

When I met Clyde at the Rialto Poolroom in downtown, Portland I was struck by two things–First that this was the type of worn in, dimly lit venue that some of his dubious informants might frequent. Second, that this was a natural environment for Clyde and if he were not an extreme talent on the verge of a massive success he would look like just another patron of the Rialto fading in to the walls around him. Clyde and the environment were so authentic I had a strange feeling I should be looking over my shoulder. Relaxed and matter of fact we began our conversation…

Describe your show Ground Zero.

I remember a colleague of mine once said that the best way to describe something is to say what kind of car it would be. If Ground Zero were a car it would be a hearse—with the sound of ice cream truck music playing, with a clown driving it and serving ice cream out of the back. The question is, even if it looked like the best ice cream ever, are you the type of person that would eat it?

What’s the subject matter of Ground Zero?

Anything that I find strange and out of whack. It’s like I look at a picture and it’s tilted the wrong way. I see the world in a way that is more like how a child sees the world—full of curiosity. And everything I see is paranormal in a way. I look at political topics more along the lines of conspiracy. The conspiracy is they’re out to get you. You are the one that they want—whether it’s your mind, your soul, your body, whatever—they want it. Everything else is ghosts, it’s demons, it’s aliens, it’s Bigfoot. It’s always from that perspective.

Is the show entertainment or documentary? Do you believe the conspiracies and beyond-normal activity that you are talking about?

I believe in the consideration of all those things. I investigate what I see, not what I want to believe. So, therefore, I am not in the category of “I want to believe,” I am in that category of “I want to find out.”

Some of your guests are serious people with backgrounds in military intelligence black ops, national security and real science. Some of them seem like kooks. How do you differentiate and determine who makes a serious or credible guest?

Ground Zero makes a point of not interviewing kooks. There are people out there that may seem crazy, but you never know if what they are saying is true. I have talked with people in intelligence, people in the military, people all over.

So since you have been investigating this kind of stuff for a long time, I want to ask you about some conspiracies and paranormal activities and get your point of view.

Photo by Jelani Memory


Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone?

No, Lee Harvey Oswald was probably told to carry out a mission and do somebody else’s dirty work.

Was it Lee Harvey Oswald’s bullet that killed Kennedy?


Okay, what’s the most obvious piece of evidence that says he didn’t act alone?

In the Zapruder film it is clear Kennedy got shot from the front, not from the back. You see his head go back as the flesh flies off of him. I know what I see. I have seen that Zapruder film over and over again. I do know that there were a number of people who wanted to kill Kennedy and—


Plenty of people wanted to kill Kennedy. The Bushes wanted to kill Kennedy. Nixon needed to kill Kennedy. There were a number of people that wanted him dead.

Do you believe earth is being visited by beings from other planets?


What is behind that answer? Why do you believe that?

Well, there is a lot of evidence. People say there isn’t any incredible evidence—you don’t need incredible evidence. It’s about probability. There are biological entities, or biological creatures, that live off of things like arsenic; that live in very hostile temperatures. It is likely that there are advanced life forms in the universe and that they are traveling here.

Why are they coming here?

I don’t know, I mean, you could give the basic answers. Say they are here for air, they are here for chlorophyll—chlorophyll, because you can’t find it on other planets. But I’ll tell why they are here. They are here to eat us. We are digestives for what they need. We are food. We are someone else’s property.

You believe we are being farmed?

Yes, I do—for food. We are being farmed for food. We are being farmed for our organs. There are a lot of things in the human body that are valuable to them.

What is behind the public fascination with aliens?

If there are aliens out there, then we realize we are not alone. And we realize that there is a much bigger question than whether or not there is good or Satan or angels or demons—there is something more, there is one extra component to discuss in a world.

Do you believe the US government has had official contact with intelligent life forms from other planets?

With intel ops, yes.

So, the US government has had interaction with alien beings?

Yes, of course they have. Yes.

What really happened in Roswell?

What really happened in Roswell is they were testing a German saucer. The saucer crashed and they gave it a UFO, alien story. The real alien stories are in the Cascade Range, as well as the Portland area.

Portland is a big UFO town?

Oh yeah, we were the ones that started it. The photo that the Trent family took in McMinnville, Oregon is still to this day the best UFO photo ever taken, the best flying saucer photo ever.

What year was that?

That was 1947, a few weeks before Roswell.

What country or region outside of the United States has had the most UFO sightings?

Believe it or not one of the hotspots for UFOs is Israel, as well as these areas with Coptic churches in the Middle East. They tend to put a religious meaning behind UFOs. Jacques Vallée used to say that the alien experience and the spiritual experience are basically the same thing. We tend to look at whatever beings are out there and classify them as gods or angels or demons. That’s what human beings do, they divide it and change it and give an idea of what something is, but it might all be the same thing.

What goes on in Area 51?

Biological testing of xenobiological diseases—alien diseases. There is alien science going on, and there is also reverse engineering of aircraft.

Alien aircraft?

Alien and foreign aircraft.

Did the United States actually land on the moon in 1969?


Why do you think that didn’t happen?

We did not have the technology. Wernher von Braun said we didn’t have the technology, everybody who was involved said we didn’t have the technology.

Who is Wernher von Braun?

Wernher von Braun was a Nazi rocket scientist who was brought over after WWII.

Are you saying that Stanley Kubrick faked it for the US government down in Sedona?

No, I mean there are so many things that I can bring up about it, but my gut tells me that we didn’t land on the moon in 1969. My gut tells me we did land on the moon eventually, but I don’t think we landed on the moon in 1969. A week before they landed on the moon they crashed in a simulation on our own planet—crashed on earth and almost killed Neil Armstrong. It is unlikely a week later we went there and everything went off without a hitch. I think landing on the moon, if it had happened, would be a national holiday commemorated as one of the greatest accomplishments of mankind. Instead it is just like this thing that we did back then. It makes no sense. Do we have ticker-tape parades? No. These guys are still alive after all these years—only one or two of them died since the moon shot—and we still treat them they are like second-class citizens. Nobody in the media really wants to talk to them. If we really went, they would be the most celebrated heroes on earth.

All that technology is lost. They don’t have it anymore—strange.

Yeah, they don’t have the blueprints anymore. They don’t know how they did it.

That’s fishy. Does Bigfoot exist?

I never used to think so until I moved here. There are many stories around Portland, Grants Pass and other areas.

So, where are the bodies and the poop?

There has been poop and there has been a cast of the body.

Genetically testable, DNA poop? Can you get a genetic makeup for a creature like this from poop?

You can figure out their diet from poop.

But where are the bodies?

When was the last time you were on a camping trip and found a deer carcass or a deer skeleton? You don’t unless it’s been hit by a car. Do you know why? Here is the deal. When an animal dies, it knows it’s about to die, it finds someplace to hide. Or, they can bury their dead. They can be like us—we bury our dead.

What is going on in the Bermuda Triangle?

What’s going on in Bermuda Triangle? Something natural; it’s not supernatural.

Is telekinesis possible?

Yes I saw it in Buenos Aires. I have seen a lot of things, most of them in Buenos Aires. I witnessed voodoo, I witnessed telekinesis, I witnessed telepathy.

What is Bohemian Grove?

A party where world leaders meet. It is an area in Northern California. This is where the Manhattan Project was first discussed. It’s a soiree of drinking, peeing everywhere, homosexual sex, heterosexual sex and prostitutes. Who goes to this party? Our leaders do.

Sounds like an Eyes Wide Shut party. What leaders?

Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon. Nixon was once quoted saying that he would never ever go to the Bohemian Grove again because it’s full of faggy people. That’s what he said—there are too many faggots there. Nixon said that, not me.

Come on, TMZ can’t get to the bottom of Bohemian Grove.

You can’t get in there. They do this thing there called the “Cremation of Care,” which is where they bring in an effigy of a child soaked in gasoline, they throw it at the foot of a 40-foot owl, and then they set fire to it. People all think that our leaders have this Christian morality in this country, but in reality what they are doing is pagan. What I am saying is, let me know who I am serving. Don’t lie behind the stars and stripes, good America and apple pie—it pisses me off. And that’s the conspiracy—they tell us we can’t have gay marriage, yet they practice strange acts behind closed doors.

Was 9/11 what it appears to be or was there a conspiracy that orchestrated it?

Yes, there was a conspiracy orchestrating it. 9/11 is not what it appears to be.

What is the biggest piece of evidence of that?

The Twin Towers were dynamited; it’s obvious.

How do you cover up a conspiracy like that? Who blew up the Twin Towers?

Dick Cheney is the orchestrator behind all the problems of 9/11. It reflects the Project for the New American Century.

Was George Bush in on it?

No. I don’t think George Bush was in on any of it. I think George Bush was a puppet. I am sympathetic toward George W. I believe he eventually found himself in a situation where Cheney told him, you know, you got blood on your hands, you better not speak.

Karl Rove?


Was Osama Bin Laden responsible in any way for 9/11?


Is there a conspiracy behind our current financial crisis?

Yes. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and there are those are in power deciding that we the people, we the lower people, have to be saddled with debt for the rest of our lives.

How does that benefit anyone? I believe in motives. What’s the motive behind reaping a financial crisis across the GLOBE?

It’s not always about money.

So, what’s it about?

It’s about power and control. It’s about sending a message. It’s about we don’t give a shit about you.

Do you think that the concept of a Manchurian candidate is possible?

Charles Manson was a failed Manchurian candidate. George Bush is a Manchurian candidate.

W, was programmed?

Of course he was. Look the way he was acting in that school on 9/11. Andrew Card whispered to him a trigger phrase and he woke right up and went back to being president again.

Okay. What would happen if Ron Paul got elected?

Ron Paul is a remarkable human being, he is a remarkable patriot, a remarkable presidential candidate and he is a professional candidate. If we implemented his policies and ideas—we couldn’t, because the president answers to other people. Ron Paul is a fighter. Ron Paul believes in ideals. Ron Paul is an anomaly. I am a big fan of Ron Paul, but I wouldn’t vote for him.

Who did you vote for in last election?

No one.

What do you think of Mitt Romney?

Romney is part of the White Horse Prophecy. Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon Church, once stated that there would be a time in the future where the US Constitution would be hanging by a thread and a Mormon elder would save it. I was taught this as a boy in the Mormon Church. Mormons try to play this down, but as an ex-Mormon I can tell you that this prophecy exists.

Was Barack Obama born in the United States?

No, but it doesn’t matter.

Where has he born?

He was born in Kenya.


The reason why we won’t ever know where he was born is because he was conceived during a CIA operation. His mother was a hooker for the CIA. She had to infiltrate for them because they had no spies available, and the communists were black at that time. They figured the best way to mix with those guys was through a white 14-year-old girl. It is well known that his mother was caught up with the CIA. And his grandfather, Stanley Dunham, was part of Operation Paperclip, smuggling Nazis over to the US. So, Barack Obama has a background in CIA operations.

From birth?

From birth. He was born into the Company. He was raised by Company personnel like Brzezinski and several other people.

Is there a connection between democracy and conspiracy theories?

Yes, they flourish in a democracy because things have to go on that we can’t see in order for everything to work. Secrets have to be kept, and it’s up to me to try and unravel those secrets.

Okay, what is the biggest conspiracy that exists in the world that isn’t commonly known or talked about?

The United States of America is the biggest conspiracy on planet earth. That’s the reason we are a paranoid, conspiracy-obsessed country.

Are you talking about how America was built on a conspiracy against King George?

Yes, it was. We are the most successful conspiracy. We are a conspiracy that benefited a lot of people, and now we are the conspiracy that’s destroying the planet. We are a legitimized conspiracy that no one planned. The United States of America was the biggest conspiracy every devised. It is a remarkable conspiracy that lasted a good 200 somewhat years and now that conspiracy is hurting itself.

Does global warming exist, and is man causing it?


What is it about Portland that has allowed your show to germinate, making it possible for you to create this impending national audience?

Portland is more of a spiritual community than a religious community. I think that allows for acceptance. Once you are accepted, others will listen to you. Portland is that kind of city where, when the lights go out, everybody somehow has some dark secret that they keep and want to hold on to.

Can I say that you are the highest rated show in Portland?

Yes, I am. My ratings beat music stations.

Is anything ever just a random event and not a conspiracy?

Sometimes a cigar is a cigar and other times it’s one big dick.

Everything isn’t always a conspiracy?

I am not a crusader; I am an entertainer, I am an actor, I am a radio talk show host. I am a reporter, I am journalist—I am a guy who comes home at the end of the night and I have a little family, and I am Louis Holder. That is the name I was born with… Louis Clyde Holder.

Was there any experience in your youth that led to your interest and fascination with conspiracies, UFOs and the paranormal?

Blackie’s Barbershop in Kearns, Utah. Also, having been raised Mormon. It is part of the Mormon faith to question everything.

What happened there at Blackie’s?

All the men gathered together—the barbers, the conspiracy theorists—all different types of people gathered together, amongst the jackalopes and the deer trophies, and talked about conspiracy.

Was there anything that you did as a kid, or anything about you as a young man, that informed what has now become Ground Zero?

Wolfgang Gossett.

Who is that?

Wolfgang Gossett was a priest who worked in radio back in the 1980s. He did a paranormal show much like Ground Zero. He was an amazing man. He took me on my first exorcism. He investigated paranormal fraud and gave me all the tips on how to figure out what was going on and how to find the real reason behind the paranormal. Wolfgang Gossett is now a suspect in the D.B. Cooper Case; they think he was D.B. Cooper.

I thought the guy they think was likely D.B. Cooper just died in Washington?

No, D.B. Cooper is Wolfgang Gossett.

And he was your mentor?

And he was my mentor.

Was there any particular world event that contributed to your drive to actually start uncovering mysteries and conspiracies?

I didn’t get serious until Princess Diana’s death. Before that I was just kind of playing with the idea.

Were Diana and Dodi Al-Fayed murdered?


Last question—why are people so fascinated with conspiracies, the paranormal, UFOs, Bigfoot? Where does this mesmerizing fascination come from?

It’s because people have a fear of the Devil and God, and they believe the Devil is doing the bad stuff and that God is doing the good stuff. However, at this moment in time, God seems to be asleep at the wheel and the Devil seems to be at the helm.

About The Author: Jamie Mustard

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