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Growing up, Megan Roosevelt was always an innovative thinker and the Wilsonville, Oregon native is the founder of the impressive digital company Healthy Grocery Girl. As a registered dietitian, business owner, media personality, and video producer, the 28-year-old has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network, ABC, and CBS as a nutrition consultant and I was lucky to get the chance to speak with her in the midst of her busy schedule. Her approach to nutrition is different from the norm; she is passionate about preventative health care through a plant-based diet: “I love that we can prevent, manage and even cure ailments and diseases through the food that we eat. Food is medicine.” Megan now lives in Portland, but takes clients from all over the United States and also does live workshops to help educate people on incorporating a plant-base diet into a hectic lifestyle. Now, with Healthy Grocery Girl as a thriving business, Megan’s endearing and positive personality helps to explain the success she had within her field of work.

So, when did you first start getting involved in nutrition?

I first became interested in nutrition in high school. My original career goal was to become an Obstetrician, which transitioned into Nursing and eventually lead to becoming a Dietitian. It wasn’t until college that I really fell in love with nutrition as a profession.

How did your childhood play a role in what you do today?

Nutrition and entrepreneurship are both passions of mine. However, looking back on my childhood, I can see that I was born to be an entrepreneur. I was creating businesses since I was 5 years old from babysitting camps, plays, dog walking, even a neighborhood newspaper. I was always holding auditions and interviewing the kids in my neighborhood, trying to recruit them to be involved in my business ideas. My early endeavors were not very successful, however the drive to create, turn ideas into reality, and rally teams together to see ideas come to fruition has been in me since I was little.

Megan Roosevelt BellPeppers
Megan Roosevelt BellPeppers

What inspired you to become the “Healthy Grocery Girl”?

I started Healthy Grocery Girl because I wanted to help people eat healthier and I wanted to love what I do everyday for a living.

How is your approach to nutrition different from others?

I am a plant-based dietitian and the founder of Healthy Grocery Girl.

Although making everything from scratch is ideal and I support homemade one hundred percent I am not the, “everything homemade gal.” While running a business I do not have time to make my own pasta and I know many other women and men can relate! However, as a Registered Dietitian I know the importance of eating Organic, real, whole and plant-based foods for optimal health. That is why I created the Healthy Grocery Girl method.

My expertise and niche is helping the busy individual shop, cook and eat healthy. If you’re going to buy the pasta instead of make it, I will help you select the best pasta options available and show you how to pair healthy convenience items with fresh ingredients, following my quick and simple recipes. I also cater to the “Everyday Cook” being that I try to keep my recipes simple and with ingredients you can find at your local grocery store. My motto is “Eating healthy can be easy when we combine Healthy Grocery Finds with Real, Whole, Plant-Based Foods”.

How do you keep current on the changing science of nutrition?

I love to learn and make it a point to learn something new everyday. I am always reading, watching documentaries and attending nutrition workshops. As an RD we are required to complete continuing education. Although fad diets come and go the truth is, eating real, whole, plant-based foods will always be a healthy way to eat. If someone starts telling you that vegetables are bad, I question that.

Megan Roosevelt Kitchen
Megan in the Kitchen

Have you ever had any life changing experiences?

In high school and college I struggled with anorexia and bulimia. It was a dark time in my life. Learning about nutrition, the body and growing in my faith helped me overcome my eating disorders. It has helped me in my profession today because I know what it’s like to be sick and I know what it’s like to be healthy. Everyone deserves to live a healthy life.

I know that you’ve been consulted many times for television and magazines as a nutrition expert. How have these experiences contributed to your career?

My first television appearance was in 2012 on Portland’s KATU morning show, “AM Northwest”. After my first TV segment I knew that my life would forever be changed and that television was one of my career callings. I love video and television as a medium for education and entertainment. It is such a fantastic way to reach a multitude of people. Today I love that video allows me to connect with individuals in my very own community as well as all over the world! It is truly amazing that people in the UK, Australia and Africa are tuning in to watch the HGG Show and enjoy the content and resources available on

Who are your role models?

My role models are Rachael Ray, Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey, Lucille Ball and Eleanor Roosevelt.  These women have all put in their time, followed their passion, overcome obstacles, took chances and blazed the trail for other women with big dreams like myself.

How do the people in your life contribute to your work?

My husband is my partner in everything. Every decision I make for my career, we talk about first. Although I started Healthy Grocery Girl before he and I met, it is really our family business because we are a team. He provides ideas, feedback and support. He is also really good at building things and he built the entire HGG Show set!

I think it took my family some time before they realized Healthy Grocery Girl was a real thriving business and not just another idea of mine, since I have been full of ideas my whole life. However, today my family is very supportive of my work and so are my friends.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?

Great question! Superhuman intelligence because there are so many things I want to learn and not enough hours in a day to learn them all.

What advice you have for others who want to go into your field of work?

Figure out what it is that you love to do and do that. Build relationships, they are everything. Don’t chase money, chase your vision and if you’re good at what you do, the money will follow.

Megan currently resides in Southwest Portland with her husband and hopes to continue seeing Healthy Grocery Girl flourish. Recently she has become more involved in video production, and creates all of the videos featured on her YouTube channel. Although she explains that her career is her hobby, in her spare time she loves to spend time with her husband and get outdoors into the great Portland wilderness. To learn more about Megan and Healthy Grocery Girl check out her website,


About The Author: Kaija Perkiomaki