Winter Mens Gift Guide

Go with the Flow

This holiday season we can toast the demise of skinny. While it will be awhile until ultra-skinny, fitted clothes are outmoded, if you want to be on the cutting edge you will start to experiment with some baggy and loose numbers. Check out this kimono by Portland’s own Bobby Bonaparte ( Another ingredient in your style alchemy should be Machus (542 E Burnside St.) who is unrivaled in contemporary fashion. Justin Machus is usually on-hand to answer any questions and to show off his awesome personal line of clothing and man-fume.

These Boots are Made for Choppin’

Odds are if you live in Portland two things are true: You walk a great deal, and you are dodging puddles nine months out of the year. Danner Boots (1022 W Burnside St.) is one of the oldest boot manufactures in the country, and got its start in Portland, making boots for lumberjacks. Although Charlie Hales might not be down with you hacking down trees in Laurelhurst Park, you can look as if you just had.

A Touchy Subject

Get fitted with something knitted. Cable knit sweaters have always been a stylish in the winter. The trick is to wear sweaters correctly. You want something a little thinner to be worn over a shirt and under a coat. When layering it, is important not to go too bulky with any one item. Check out this hot little number from APC, which can be found at Francis May (1013 SW Washington St.). Glittering sparkly things are synonymous with the holidays but if one of those things is yet another silky tie maybe it’s time to step up your tie game with a little more texture than normal. Portland is awash with tie company’s sprouting up left and right but a new contender worth mentioning is Everett K, (The Haberdashery, 969 SW Broadway) who can definitely fill the empty space in your tie rack chalk full of silk.


Whether it’s a gift or just a wardrobe upgrade, Portland is a haven for accessories, of which the majority is made locally. The ultimate man accessory is without a doubt is the commuter bag or murse if you will. The days of stuffing your pockets until the seams rip are over. Man up and put your stuff in your bag and purchase that bag at Filson. (526 NW 13th Ave.) Unless you’re rocking a killer dragon tat there is no reason to let your neck freeze in the patchy, freezing fog that will soon attack our mornings. Kiriko is a name you might want to familiarize yourself with because it’s a Portland label that is a must when shopping for scarves as well as other accessories. Kiriko can be found at Imogene and Willie’s new store (1306 W Burnside st.) which has setup shop in Revelrie’s old space dead center of the Black Box stores. While you’re there, take a moment to drool over some of the best selvedge denim you will find in the Northwest. Portland is known for being a city of outstanding cuisine, so it only makes sense that any cutlery made here would be for mushrooms or shaving. Boys Fort (902 S.W. Morrison St.) is ground zero for beautifully crafted local man-wares.

Written and photographed by Ian Andreae is an owner of Threads Count “Mens Fine Consignment”

About The Author: Ian Andreae