Men's Winter 2013 Fashions

Winter is upon us, and a man needs to be able to stay warm and keep dry. Not an easy task during Portland’s long winters. This means tough clothes: leather and wool, and waterproofing. Burning things helps too.

Made in England from a solid piece of wood, these are not only the most elegant umbrellas a gent can have, but also the most exquisitely crafted. They are available in a variety of hardwoods. $395

Leather care products

  • Bee Natural Mink Oil $14.50
  • Fiebing’s Saddle Soap $7.99
  • Huberd’s Shoe Grease $7.50
  • Sno-Seal Leather Protector $4.99

Wool Suit by Dunderdon $428

Aasa shirt by Denim Demon $160

Iron-Ranger boots by Red Wing $290


An Italian drink to warm the cockles.

  • Pierre Ferrand 1840 Cognac
  • Green Chartreuse
  • ‘97 Lustau “Anada” sherry
  • Lustau “Añada” Sherry (1997)
  • Boker’s Bitters (housemade)

Waterproof NAU Coats

  • Highline Blazer – $415. Comes in Thermal Heather, Seaweed Plaid,
    and Caviar Heather
  • The Rift – $255. Comes in Khaki, Cypress and Caviar
  • Wool Patrol Hoody – $395. Comes in Seaweed Plaid, Caviar Heather

Hats of all kinds

From homburgs to fedoras, John Helmer has had you covered since 1921, a true Portland landmark. $Variable @ Build it yourself toolkit by ADX $38

Lance Miller is the owner of Threads Count “Mens Fine Consignment”

About The Author: Ian Andreae