The Jackteers

The Jackteers: A Jacket Joint

If you are adverse to having a bike tool held to your throat or being hit, over the head with an empty growler than insult a Portlanders jacket game. Brand loyalty is generally dependent upon which garment got us to work dry, but I would like to take you on a trip outside the realm of hooded waterproof shells. Don’t get me wrong, I love a Marmot as much as the next guy. I grew up with 8 prairie dogs and 2 squirrels in our loft (little fkrs aren’t that lovable). Granted a squirrel is technically a marmotini, I will definitely be ordering one next time I’m at Tear Drop lounge. If you want to talk kingdom phylum you can take your ass up to the autobahn society.

I do have a point here. Which is… HERE! Portland.

We live in a city made for jackets so why not make a jacket for this city? Well, some fellas done it. One of which has been for almost 100 years I would like to introduce, familiarize or just update you on three local jacketeers that I am pretty fk’n smitten with.


You see it everywhere est. 19 whatever, but while that ambiguous date is presented like an enemies head on a steak do we truly understand why it is so impressive? Of course, there is the “they have been doing this so long surly they can’t fuck this up feeling” However, I strongly urge you to read these families histories because then you can take comfort in knowing that you weren’t told by a date (or a magazine) why you trust their product.

The tenacity of the Dehen family is reflected in its jackets. Specifically, their varsity jackets which they have been perfecting for most of the 20th century alongside their cheerleading gear. In fact the likeliness that your parents were necking in high school while dawning a Dehen is pretty high. I would include myself in this assumption, but my father was escaping a mental hospital on a horse around the time they were handing out letter jackets.Like a good bottle of scotch Dehen has matured and taken on a new tint of luxury with the advent of Dehen 1920 boosted on the shoulders of new designer Nathaniel Crissman by the same manufacturing team that has muscled through the last 95 years.

Langlitz Leathers

It takes a quality akin to Bad assery in order to withstand such obstacles as Asian outsourcing in the 90s without being influenced by the massive profit leaps seen in sacrifice of quality and brand morality.

Enter Langlitz Leathers. These are not manufactures. These are craftsmen, Samurais of Leather. 15 to be exact. Including two cutters and Seven seamstresses. Tools archaic and brandished with precision to the point of meditation.
Welcome to the Langlitz Dojo (2443 SE Division St.).

Founded by Ross Langlitz in 1945 and hoisted naturally to cult status by his kin the shop creates custom motorcycle jackets. I will repeat myself the shop creates custom leather motorcycle jackets. Do not go in expecting to weave around racks of clothing. This is not a shop for shopping this is a shop for building. Undeniably an investment although you are going to become best friends with this jacket. It will be your wing man. It will fight pavement for you and sleep at the foot of your bed. Screw the dog, a man’s best friend is his leather jacket.


There’s a well traveled path of single man micro companies in Portland that I don’t mind blindly prancing down with comfort in the passion that it’s paved with. Many are built upon the perfection and precision of a good or service so specific that I instinctively bitch about the “fool” or praise the “genius” of the next Portland paraphernalia.

I’m all for a sex toy/falafel food cart, but let’s hang out with my friends, form and function. Dan Tiegs is the craft brewer of Jacketeers, Wild the brewery and “The Burnside” his new brew.

Built for a winter commute across the bridge its named after, The Burnside boasts Polartech insulation, articulated elbows, action back and a menagerie of other fancy names in the manger of perfection. Above all what makes this jacket the ultimate secret weapon against patchy freezing fog is style. It’s not just another shinny hooded shell with too many pockets. It looks like the jacket you wish was the only thing you needed to grab on your way out the door only it IS. When something is well made, it is also usually limited, so you are looking at 120 jackets made in each of the three colors (black, blue denim, taupe). Also, if you don’t have any friends there is an embroidered little fella on the inside breast pocket. Call it a spirit animal call it a good luck charm or just call it a damn owl. I call him keeper of Timbers flask. Cheers!

Made Here

Instead of trusting my BS go experience the real deal at the new Made Here store (NW 10th and Couch) across the street from Powel’s where you can try and buy Dehen and Wild as well as a plethora of other . Porphernalia. Don’t make the mistake of going to Mad Hair or you will just end up with wigs. As for Langlits hit up their shop on division (address) where the staff is happy to help customize leather into wearable respect or put you in a pre-owned jacket from their impressive collection. If you’re looking for a new wig give me shout.

About The Author: Ian Andreae