Introducing Color

Introducing Color

This is probably one of the toughest challenges for men: how to work color into your wardrobe without feeling like a clown. The trick is not to go overboard, especially if you are in uncharted territory. Maybe start with a brightly colored pocket square or scarf. A nice pair of colorful chinos can go a long way, but does need to be paired with a pastel shirt and technicolor overcoat. Next time you’re grabbing lunch at the Alder food carts, jump across Washington and pop into Frances May (1013 SW Washington St, Don’t be afraid to dabble, but if it feels like you’re doing too much, you’re probably right.


Image_142Show Some Ankle

Summer shoes are a crucial part of the wardrobe, and you’re going to be much more active in the summertime. This means being on your feet more often and for extended periods of time. The best way to accent your fly footwear is to cuff those pants, lose the socks and show a little ankle. This is also a great way to introduce some color into the fit. Solestruck (417 SW 13th Ave, has got you covered for summer shoes. It’s rare that you are able to sport suede in Portland, but this is the time to introduce a whole new fabric to your outfit and you can’t get any more breathable than a slip-on accented with holes throughout. Checkout the Johnny Sole signature line, hand crafted in Italy, and offered in four colors. Exclusively at Johnny Sole (815 SW Alder St.,
Swapping the Layers for Accessories

Image_146Beating the heat means losing the layers. So in order to still be done up in the summer, wear a necklace, put on 20-30 bracelets, or maybe an anklet if you are really in touch with yourself. Wallets, lanyards and key chains can all add to the look, but step it up and support local designers with One Man Made leather accessories which can be found at Reveille’s new location in the middle of the Blackbox shops (1306 W Burnside St, reveilleshop. com). While you are there make sure to check out their impressive selection of super rare vintage pieces (yes, the jacket belonged to John Lennon). Hop, skip or jump next door to Poler (1305 W Burnside St, If you don’t already have a mean-ass Grizzly Adams beard, start growing one because you’re going to need it if you’re going to roll around in the Napsack, a full-body sleeping bag suit. If you’re not ready to drag axe, maybe just a native-patterned ball cap on top of the ol’ noggin to let people know exactly where you are from.


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